How to File Bankruptcy in Kentucky for Free

The first thing you should know is that you can do it yourself!
The Bankruptcy Court even has a free guide to help you through it:
Guide For Pro-Se Filers

You can even watch some movies to get you comfortable:
It a lot of work, perhaps, but it can be done.
Here is an outline of the step you can take:

1. Collect Your Kentucky Bankruptcy Documents and Asset and Debt information.
2. Take Credit Counseling (See List  HERE ).
3. Complete the Bankruptcy Forms, including the Ch. 7 fee waiver application Official Form 103B.
4. Print Your Bankruptcy Forms
5. After the COVID crisis is over you can go to Court to File Your Forms. Until then you must mail the documents with a money order or cashiers check. Attorneys can e-file them. Individuals must send in by mail.
6. Attend Your 341 Meeting
7. Take Pre-discharge Debtor Education and file certificate.
8. Watch for your discharge in the mail.

Not everyone who files for bankruptcy must pay a filing fee to the Court.
For a Chapter 7 case, the filing fee is $335 unless waived, and If you don’t qualify for a fee waiver, then you can ask the Bankruptcy Court to pay the filing fee in up to 4 installments.  Official Form 103A
For a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the filing fee is $310 and can be paid in installments.


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